Totally Tubular Festival: Thomas Dolby, Modern English & Men Without Hats at Meadow Brook Amphitheatre

Totally Tubular Festival Tickets

Meadow Brook Amphitheatre | Rochester Hills, Michigan

Totally Tubular Festival

It’s a blast from the past, and it’s making waves across the nation this summer! Enjoy the massive hits from yesteryears as the Totally Tubular Festival presents the biggest names in retro music! The highly-anticipated music extravaganza’s billing comprises ‘80s icons, including highly-acclaimed musician and music producer Thomas Dolby, new wave powerhouse Modern English, and synth-pop sensation Men Without Hats! During their prime, these artists conquered the airwaves with their outstanding hits! This 2024, they continue to be three of the most sought-after live acts, and now they’re coming to Rochester Hills, Michigan! Are you ready to party like it’s 1985? Well, it’s totally possible because the Totally Tubular Festival is coming to the Meadow Brook Amphitheatre! On Friday, 26th July 2024, Thomas Dolby, Modern English, and Men Without Hats are slated to perform their career-spanning hits! It’s anticipated to be the most exciting retrospective trip of the season! Hurry, buy your tickets now, and don’t miss out!

The Totally Tubular Festival brings back the ‘80s with a bang! It’s set to be the hottest retro spectacle, and it’s featuring some iconic artists! Presented by 104.3 WOMC, Michigan’s favorite radio station for all your classic hits, the Totally Tubular Festival promises a plethora of outstanding hits that conquered the world during the ‘80s. The festival features performances from Thomas Dolby, Modern English, Men Without Hats, The Romantics, Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey, Bow Wow Wow, The Plimsouls, and Tommy Tutone! Are you ready for this retro extravaganza?! Who wouldn’t be?! It’s anticipated the most exciting festival of the summer and it’s giving a wonderful blast from the past!

The legendary Thomas Dolby may be the biggest name in audio technology, but during the ‘80s, he was an incredible music star. He is responsible for the iconic hits “She Blinded Me With Science,” “When Love Breaks Down,” and “Hyperactive!” Dolby has also produced numerous film and video game scores. Today. Aside from being a highly successful entrepreneur, he continues to perform worldwide as a solo act.

Modern English is an 80s sensation that needs no introductions, The band has dropped numerous classic hits, including “I Melt With You,” “Hands Across the Sea,” “Someone’s Calling,” and many more. The band continues to release new music after over four decades in music. Their latest album, 1234, is set for release this year.

Canadian powerhouse Men Without Hats have impressively maintained their original line-up. The band, which emerged in 1977, released the phenomenal single “Pop Goes the World” in 1987. The single went on to chart at number 3 on the Billboard 200. They also released “The Safety Dance” and “Antarctica.”

In a statement, Totally Tubular Festival exec Jon Pleeter expressed his excitement for this one-of-a-kind festival. “This is a dream lineup for those who love the music of the early 1980s and for those who want to relive the days when life was...plain and simply – a total party. You wore dayglow, you wore parachute pants, you had big hair, perms and more perms, mullets, and leg warmers, along with tons of buttons and lots of rubber bracelets. You wore sunglasses at night. The choruses were big, and the hooks were bigger – the party didn’t end.”

Hurry and join this incredible festival this summer by scoring tickets now! Don’t miss the Totally Tubular Festival happening at the Meadow Brook Amphitheatre on Friday 26th July 2024!

Totally Tubular Festival at Meadow Brook Amphitheatre

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